2018 Curbside Recycling Schedule

January 9                July 10
January 23              July 24
February 6             August 7
February 20           August 21
March 6                  September 4
March 20                September 18
April 3                     October 2
April 17                   October 16
May 1                      October 30
May 15                   November 13
May 29                   November 27
June 12                   December 11
June 26                   December 25

Randy's Environmental can be contacted at (763) 972-3335 any time during office hours (M-F 8am to 5pm) if you have questions or need assistance.

Monticello Township contracts with Randy's Environmental Services for curbside collection.  All residential sites in the township are picked up every other Tuesday (see schedule).  Recycling containers should be placed at the end of driveways by 7:00 am on collection days.  Please make sure your container is placed at least two feet back from the pavement/traveled roadbed so that maintenance vehicles can pass through safely. 

Randy’s collects the following materials for recycling:
Boxboard (ie: cereal, cracker, shoe boxes) and Cardboard
Mixed Mail and office paper
Newspaper and Magazines
Aluminum beverage cans
Metal food cans
Glass bottles and jars (all colors)
Plastic containers and lids (#1-#7) ie: pop, juice bottles, milk, water
Aseptic and gable-topped containers - ie: juice and milk cartons, juice boxes

Randy’s does not accept the following materials for recycling:

No plastic bags
No egg cartons
No styrofoam
No pizza boxes
No window glass
No mirror or plate glass
No ceramic or porcelain
No toys, dishes, hangers
No motor oil jugs
No metal car parts
No flower pots
No plastic or metal household ite
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