Burning permits may be obtained from the following DNR Fire Wardens: Fred & Evelyn Vogel (763-295-0504) or the City of Monticello Fire Chief (763-295-4111). 
Permits can also be obtained online

Recreational Fires no more than 3 feet x 3 feet in height or diameter do not require a permit, but may be prohibited during burning bans.  Check the above-named website or contact a fire warden for current information.


Heavy duty mailbox supports and swing-away arm kits are available through the township.  Cost is $55 (mailbox not included).  Recommended installation specifications are included. 
Spring is a good time to repair and replace unstable mailbox posts. 

Damaged 911 house number signs should be replaced as soon as possible.  Call the township maintenance department at 763-295-3422 to order the sign.  A minimal fee is charged to cover the cost of the new sign.

Building Permits are required in Monticello Township. Please contact Wright County Planning and Zoning for all zoning, setback and building code information.  763-682-7338